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Welcome Pullingfans!

We show you the most exciting tractor pulling action on film.
Over 20 years of filming experience drops the worlds most powerful motorsport right into your livingroom.

All our DVDs are highly professional made, with top quality in picture and sound. The "Thunder Pulling" series features the excitement of pulling with close trackside Pullingaction, dusty wheelspins, frontend in the air, fire and explosions, teamreports, driversinterviews, OnBoard Cameras on the Sled and Cockpit, closeup shots of the tractors, pulling under the lights, slow motions, flying dust and highspeed FullPulls presented with good music.

"Thunder Pulling" is a "Must Have" for fans of Tractors in Action. It shows you the multiple kinds of Tractors and the Power of pulling like no others.

Thunder Pulling 12

The new released part of the "Thunder Pulling" series is on deck. Filmed with professional, High Definition camera-equipement, and available on DVD and also BluRay-Disc.
High quality in Picture and Sound. So you feel the noise and earthshacking blast when the Pulling Machines are thundering down the track.
With almost 3 hours of playingtime[ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 11

The new released part of the "Thunder Pulling" series is on deck. Filmed with professional, High Definition camera-equipement, and available on DVD and also BluRay-Disc.
High quality in Picture and Sound. So you feel the noise and earthshacking blast when the Pulling Machines are thundering down the track.
With almost 3 hours of playingtime[ ... more ... ]

Crash Pulling 2 and Thunder Pulling 10

After the big success of Crash Pulling 1, now the new PART 2 is available.
CRASH PULLING 2 and THUNDER PULLING 10  has a playing-time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will enjoy europes best pulling competition and the worlds craziest, wildest and most explosive wild rides in Tractor Pulling from all over the world.[ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 9

The new film Thunder Pulling 9 is available. On DVD and also in High Definition on Blue Ray Disc.
With running time of almost 3 hours it is the best and most spectacular part of this series with a lot of new footage of tractors and events.
We covered the European and the American pulling events from this past season. [ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 8

The new part of the successful Thunder Pulling Series is available.
A spectacular, 100-minutes flashback of the Euro-Pulling-Season 2012.
TOP QUALITY in picture a sound, filmed and cutted in FullHD.
OnBoards and SlowMotions with good music. [ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 7
The brandnew part 7 of the Thunder Pulling series is now available.
First time in 16:9 format and 120 minutes, top trackside pullingaction with all the new Pulling Tractors of the NTPA, ProPullingLeague and Euro-Pulling Highlights from 2011.
A lot of interesting teamreports, onboards and a historical flashback of the 70`s and 80`s US-pullingscene with closeup footage of the retired Tractors in the PullingMuseum. [ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 6
The latest part of the Series reports on 90 min. about the european pullingseason. A Flashback on the Austrian Championships: the highlights from the megaevent in Kollerschlag and other top pulls, with international top machines on the track. Red Nex Steyr, Moving Mountains New Holland Pro Stocks from Holland, twin Allison MONEY PIT 2, starengine BOOMERRANG, V-12 FINAL DESTINATION, Turbine Monster IVAN and ERLKÖNIG, and of course all the austrian tractors and diesel stars.  [ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 5
Brand new film that covers the latest Pulling season. On 110 minutes the new part of the Thunder-Pulling-Series reports about the best and newest American Pulling Machines of the Grand and Super National Circuit and also the German, Austrian and European scene.
You will see all the top tractors in the classes Light SS, Modifieds, Super Semis, Minis, DieselSS, TWD, OpenSS, Unlimited Modifeds and Pro Stock. [ ... more ... ]
Thunder Pulling 4
On 2 hours playingtime, part 4 reports the european and also the american pullingaction.
With the best scenes and pulls from Indoorpulling in Holland, the German Championships, Euro Cup finals and the exciting American pullingevents like Super Nationals at Bowling Green, Grand and State National Pulling. It features all Pulling Classes with great footage of all American Pullingstars and best Race-Tractors on Earth. [ ... more ... ]
Thunder Pulling 3
Reports about the colorful European pulling happenings.
All the highlights from the famous European Super Pull, German Championships, the 2 days European Championship pull in Denmark and the great EuroCup finals are put together on 100 minutes of tremendous, fullsound and earthshacking actionpulling. [ ... more ... ]

Crash Pulling
This is a highly entertaining, 60 minutes film about the greatest pulling mishaps, happened the last 25 years on the tracks. You will see all the fires, engine-explosions, high wheel stands, breakdowns and rollovers. "Never before seen" film material with original sound, slow-motions and backgrounded with good music. [ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 2
Shows you all the great Tractors running the Grand National and State National level in the USA. In the classes Super and Pro Stock, Unlimited Modifieds, Big Rigs, TWD`s, Minis and Modifieds. Interviews and reports from Stars like Ron Bargas The Judge, Wayne Pursers Uncle Sam, Brent Paynes Color of Money, Blue Blazes Ford SS and much more. [ ... more ... ]

Thunder Pulling 1
Reports about the Super Nationals from Tomah, which is one of the biggest Pulls in the world. 3 Days of pulling on two tracks side by side. All the American pulling competitors bring their machines to battle for the purse of 120.000,-- US-dollar. Over 40 different tractors are pulling in one class, also at night under the lights, where you see the flames and chroom. [ ... more ... ]

Euro Power Pulling '04
This is a 90 minutes Flashback about the European pullingscene from 2004.Austrian Championship pulling, German pulling highlights, a big report about the great European Championship pull in Füchtorf Germany, and the First Indoor Pull in Arnheim Holland. [ ... more ... ]

Pulling Power USA
60 minutes documentary about the 2003 Tomah Grand Nationals. Lots of action, reports and different tractors. [ ... more ... ]

Grand National Pulling
The USA-Pullinggiants of the 90`s. A 60minutes Showdown of the Grand National Tractors in all Classes.
Up to 7 blown V8`s in the Modifieds, no limits and unique action featuring all different classes. Very interesting pulling machines. [ ... more ... ]

Best Euro Pulling
The European pulling scene of the early 90`s. With footage and reports from the IndoorPull in Rotterdam, the Austrian and German Championships, blown diesels in the modified divisions, "Green Fighter" against the famous “Killer”, the highlights of the European Championships from Bernay ... . See all the past European Stars on this film. [ ... more ... ]

Best of USA
A wide range of the American pulling events from 1994. From the Pro National up to the Grand National events all the Top Stars are shown, with several Interviews and lots of good pulling action.
Like reports from the legendary Banter Bros, Judy and Lan Knipstein, Ron Barga, the Walsh-Irish Challanger Team and many more. [ ... more ... ]

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