Thunder Pulling 12

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The latest part is available. Thunder Pulling 12 is one of the best in this series, as it reports about the biggest tractor pulling event in history of pulling:

The 50iest Anniversary Pull in Bowling Green, Ohio. By far the most exciting and spectacular Pull.

Tractor Pulling was grown in Bowling Green 50 years ago, and today „PullTownUSA“ is the Mekka of Tractor Pulling, and the place you have to be.

-    5 days of pulling competition from Thursday to Sunday. 2 Power-Tracks with side by side pulling action.
-    All the NTPA classes were running two sessions. Pulling on daylight and in the evening under the lights.
-    For the 50iest event, all the american teams were there and pulled for the high price-money and the famous Bowling Green ring.
-    Also the Netherlands „BobCat“ team arround Berry and Bertus Boer toured the USA and were very succesful in PullTownUSA.
-    The Finals on Super Sunday, where the top 5 Tractors of each class competed again.
-    „The Legends“: Famous Pulling Tractors from the 70`s and 80`s were also pulling on the track on Sunday.

Ofcourse we filmed all the action right on the track from different camera positions, also with onboard cams, in High Definition quality and full sound….

You get on 180 minutes (3 hours) playtime all the great Pulling Action from the USA and Europe, with a very interessting, historical flashback of Tractor Pulling and a lot of„New things“ from the world of tractor pulling, interviews and teamreports:

Jeff Demers and his wonderful and unique „Smokin Hot Deere“
Jody Ross and the unbeatable McCormick „Triple Bypass“
A lot of new Super Stocks like the Bone Twister, Stray Horse, The Legacy ……
Spectacular engine explosion of „Young Blood“ Allis Chalmers ……..with close up film oft he destroyed engine…..

Brian Conner is back:
The famous creator of the legendary „Bad Medicine“ White SS
debutes his new John Deere „The Gambler“. Driver Brian Diekman takes a wild ride on this new machine.
Gary Karlens new AC-Agco „Bad Blood“
Jason Hootmans Ford „Commander“

Jordan Lustiks Agco Silver Bullet and Deutz Silver Bullet reloaded.
Mike Chizeks and Terry Blackbourns hot running CaseIH Armed & Dangerous and International Threat pulling against
the 2 Agco Super Stocks „GALOT“. Ending up with a huge engine explosion and fire, with interview of
driver Brent Payne………

Over 50 Tractors in this Diesel Class.
Engine explosion of Carlton Copes MF-V8 „Warpath“
Interviews of Ryan Walters new „Chasin Tail“ MF and
John Deere „Bootlegger“………

Newcomer Austin Boyer and his 2 machines
„Lawless“ and „The Untouchable“
Engine explosion of Tina Gains new and wonderful looking Truck „Madd Maxx“
See all the T-Buckets, Funny Cars, PickUps, Fords, Chevys and Dodges
Pulling against each other on wheelstanding action………..

Matt Clemons and his „Alter Ego“
He explains the high-tech diesel engine and how he gets the power to  the ground
in this exciting new class………

High performance diesel power. Great looking trucks create about 5000 diesel horses and put on a great show.
Smoking tires, wheelstanding pulls.
The best looking Truck „Jacked Up“ splitted the engine block in full speed and throughed out the top half of the engine right infront of our camera.
This was the worst engine explosion we ever captured on film. After that accident Jack Kielmeiers  mechanic gave us an interview with close up footage of the terribly destroyed truck…..

For the 50st Anniversary event „The Legends“ Pulling Tractors from the 70`s and 80`s are brought back on the track and pulling again.
Their owners restored and rebuilt those legendary machines and hooked them again to the sled.
All those wonderful, historical Tractors are shown with closeup footage in the Pulling Museum and great interviews of their pilots and owners:
Beside that, the tractors were live pulling on the track with the old „Heartbracker“ sled…

Here are a few of them…..

The „City Slicker“:
The only chain-driven, sideways mounted,  turbo Allison powered tractor. A wonderful, exotic, one of a kind machine……

The „Bosse Tractor“:
Mike Ott restored the first 4 engine powered modified, using a crossbox to bring the power to the rear axle…….

The „Purple Monster“:
The first tractor powered by a radial aircraft engine, built in 1969. Shown also with original footage from `69….

The „Super Banana“:
Larry McVey`s turbocharged and supercharged, hemi-powered modified was famous for his unique look….

The „Sassy Massey“:
One of the first turbine powered Mod.

„Deere Power I“ and „Rough & Ragged“ IH:
Super Stocks from the 70`s running a two-staged turbo setup and intercooler.

After „The Legends“ pulling, the top 5 of each division were competing again and go for winning the „Bowling Green Ring“.
Exciting how Berry Boer and „BobCat Jr“ finished the class.

Back to Europe.
Part 2 of „Thunder Pulling 12“ reports about the european Pulling Scene.

Starting up with the season opener in
Füchtorf Germany: All the big names of Euro-Pulling were there.
The new built „Green Monster Stage V“ was the first time hooked to the sled. It is the only tractor in the Light Mod. Divison, powered by 2 Allisons V-12.
We show you this exciting machine with close up footage adn interviews of teamleader Tobias Hoerstkamp and mechanic Dirk Wessel.
A lot of action and wild rides happend in the Fuechtorf-arena, like
„Simply Irresistible`s“ rollover and huge engine fire. It happened directly in front of the camera.
This was one of the most horrific and fireing crashes on european tracks.
Beside great pulling action from Füchtorf we also report about the following events:

KRUMBACH Germany, KNUTWIL Switzerland with Nightpulling, KLOPEINERSEE and RAPPOLZ Austria.
At all those events a lot of top tractors from Italy up to Holland were invited and pulling.
With interviews like from the following teams:

„ROWDY“ all new Diesel SS, 
„THOR“ Mini Unlimited,
„BAD BOYS TOY“ Pro Stock MF V8,
„HOT ART“ Continental V12 Light Modified,
„HURRICANE“ europes strongest Fendt SS……..

THUNDER PULLING 12 shows a lot of new, spectacular and exciting things from the wonderful world of Tractor Pulling.
Don`t miss this one of a kind documentary, filmed in professional quality. Also available in High Definition.

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