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Thunder Pulling 7

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Hello Pullingfans!
The brandnew part 7 of the Thunder Pulling series is now available.
First time in 16:9 format and 120 minutes, top trackside pullingaction with all the new Pulling Tractors of the NTPA, ProPullingLeague and Euro-Pulling Highlights from 2011.
A lot of interesting teamreports, onboards and a historical flashback of the 70`s and 80`s US-pullingscene with closeup footage of the retired Tractors in the PullingMuseum.
You get on Thunder Pulling 7:
- 2 hours playingtime in 16:9 format
- a great report about the worlds biggest event, the NTPA Super National Pulling in Bowling GreenOhio, the capitol of the pullingsport.
- 3 days trackside pullingaction on 2 powertracks, nightpulling under the lights, over 200 of the best american Race Tractors are on deck
- on board cameras on the sled and cockpit, creating great scenes, like "The Fury" Modified, "Unleased" Unlimited 6 x V8.
- fire and engineexplosions, slow-motions, good filmmusic.
- many teamreports and driver-interviews: Kathy Archers "Black Widow", Brian Shrameks "Unleashed" Pulling Team, Rat Poison, Ken Veneys new Funny Farmall. Bret Berg`s "Money Maker", Keith Horst`s "The Fury", Bob Barbee`s LSS "Stormy", Esdon Lehn`s "Red Line Fever" IH-Super Stocks.
- backgroundinfos and closeup footage of the best looking tractors and engines.
- the most spectacular and actionpacked pulls of all classes, screaming engines and full sound
- a lot of great pulls down the powertrack from the Unlimiteds and Modifieds, wheelstanding Full Pulls over 12000 horsepower, 170 mp/h wheelspeed, Full Pulls under 10 seconds – supercharged V-8 engines, turbines and V12 Allisons
- Light Super Stocks and Open Super Stocks – over 4000 hp tuned out of stock engine blocks
- Pro Stocks, Big Rigs and Diesel Super Stocks create smoking Turbo Action
- Diesel FWD-trucks and Two Wheel Drive Trucks – Wheelstands and Funny Cars
- Minis - 2500 hp making wild and fast Full Pulls
- a historical flashback to the 70`s and 80`s, with real footage of the original tractors at the Pulling Museum and interviews from Mike Ott`s first 4xV8 crossbox "Bosse Modified" and chaindriven Turbo Allison „City Slicker", Loyd McVey`s famous turbo Hemi "Super Banana" and Rare original films of the early 80`s like Banter Brothers multi V8 or "Makin Bacon Special", "Loud Mouth Lime", „Sassy Massey" Turbine, Jerry Hart`s "Barnstormer" IH SS and a lot morr ...
- the Stars of the ProPullingLeague with spectacular Pulls, like "ShelShocked", Roberts Pulling Team, Barga`s "The Judge" and "Appache", "Texas Bullwip", "TakesALikin".
- a report about the german and austrian pulling events like the highlights of the international Pulling in Füchtorf, with a big field of the european pulling machines from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and England
- the best pulls from the southgerman event in Krumbach abd the Austrian pulling events.
- Interviews of the Green Monster team and LeCoiffeur - V12-Allison against V-12 RollsRoyce Griffon ... earthshaking enginesound
- EuroCup Pulling in Made Holland, Minis and SuperStocks produce a wonderful Show.
"Thunder Pulling 7" is as spectacular as the other parts of this series, with lots of interesting and new pulling machines and you should not miss it in your collection.
For Euro 19,90 you get 2 hours of worlds best tractor pulling entertainment. Feel and enjoy the Power of Pulling on the "Thunder Pulling" series.

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